2019 Summer rugby schedule:

6/15- DC v Pax v Serverna Park @ ServernaPark
AWAY 142 Gali Sanchez way Millersville MD

6/22- DC v PAC v Andover @ DC
HOME 1820 Monroe ST NE Washington DC

6/29- DC v Exiles v PAC @ Sligo Middle School
1401 Dennis Ave, Silver Spring MD

7/6 bye week

7/13- DC v EC Express v Freedom @ Express
AWAY 6600 Cradlerock Way Columbia MD

7/20- DC v Exiles v Pax @ DC
HOME 1820 Monroe ST NE Washington DC

7/27-28- Tournament @ Servern Park

8/3 – Kids vs Coaches and Parents
HOME 1820 Monroe ST NE Washington

8/16 – Fundraiser @ Embassy of Australia – more information to come

Our official weather policy is as follows:

As we all know, the weather in DC in the summer can be unpredictable.  Storms can pop up at any time and can hit one neighborhood and completely miss another.  To avoid trying to guess throughout the day and answer multiple questions, we have a simple policy…PLAY ON!

That being said, our first priority is for the safety of your children, families and our coaches, so we ask that you exercise your own good judgment when it comes to safety.  We can play/practice in the rain (as long as it isn’t a soaking rain), but we do have a strict lightning policy.  If there is lightning spotted in the area, we must wait 30 minutes in cars or buildings before we can resume play.  For children that are getting to practice on their own, please exercise caution before sending them out in bad weather.  For actual matches, we will try to wait it out, but for practice, we will most likely send people home if we see lightning.

For days like today where there is a possibility of scattered storms, we plan to get to the field and try to play.  If the forecast calls for strong storms throughout the area, we will cancel beforehand.

For summer heat, if the heat index/air quality is at a dangerous level, we will most likely cancel practice and will let you know prior.  For games, we consult with our opponents and make a decision prior to the game and will let you know.

We’ll never penalize kids for missing practice/matches, so if you feel it is unsafe for your children to play, please keep them home.

Please let me or the other coaches know if you have any questions.

Thanks! Coach Brian